State Of The Union: One Question with K. Langford

TheGourdsNews: I saw this picture from the Drone wedding the other day and thought you were giving some kind of Gourds State of the Union address...and then it occurred to me that I could just ask you to do it for real, you know, say a little bit about what 2009 was like for the band and maybe give us some idea of what to look forward to in 2010?

Keith Langford: I do like to think about 2009 and will always have standout type memories of it. The year with Haymaker was EXTRATACULAR for us. I guess I should list the accolades for the record. We had the top selling americana record for like 5-6 weeks (can I get a fact checker!?), a song nominated for americana song of the year (I said, can I get a fact checker!?), we were #6 on the Top Ten most played albums according to the Americana Airplay Chart, #3 on the empty tecate beer can count...ok, ok, but really our show got better and better on the big stage. Can you hear the "pomp and circumstance" music going?

I wanted to list some shows, big and small, that were exceptional for me: Asheville, Northern rockies folk in Hailey, Portland, Suwanee fest fl, Falls Church, Old settlers, Missoula, Sand Point, Charlottesville, Alexandria, Oregon country fair, Carrboro, Batfest, Houston Miller outdoor, Ridgetop elementary, Albino skunk in greer, Sitka Ak, X-mas at the paramount...and, of course, intermixed were some great local shows at Gruene hall and threadgills.

Taking stock of a full year, or of the band for that matter, is difficult because the spinning top never really stops. There is always a show to get to or one to come off of. The spinning top effect is primarily why we don't have a record in the can right now. In the past, we've always found a way to inject some studio time in between tours...but I think now it's different. Can you hear the violins?

I think everybody in the band wants to make something 'new' and not hurried. I, for one, long for the organic creative process of the 1st few records. So, we ponder how to do it and in the meantime have a show that seems to bring the inner caveman out of people. So we take that show to those people. See you at your local venue 2010!

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