10-17-09 Greer, SC

© mr soul

Audio Early Set: by mr soul
Audio Late Set: by mr soul
Photos: by Christine Cliatt / by mr soul
Video: Introduction / Country Love / Shreveport

The Gourds
15th Annual Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival
Skunk Farm
4063 Jordan Road
Greer, SC

Early Set (4:45p)

01. Country Love
02. Shreveport
03. Tex-Mex Mile
04. Caledonia
05. Plaid Coat
06. Roll & Tumble
07. Hellhounds
08. My Name is Jorge
09. Blankets
10. All in the Pack > I Fought the Law (Sonny Curtis) > All in the Pack

Late Set (10:40p)

01. Yoli Found a Opossum
02. Lower 48
03. Take Me Back to Tulsa (Bob Wills/Tommy Duncan)
04. Bean Bowl
05. Blanket Show
06. My Name is John Johanna (trad.)
07. How Great Thou Art (Stuart K. Hine from a poem by Carl Gustav Boberg) > Hallelujah Shine
08. Pine Island Bayou > The Eyes of Texas (John Sinclair) > I've Been Working on the Railroad (trad.) > Pine Island Bayou
09. Gravity Talks (Dan Stuart/Chris Cacavas)
10. Mister Betty
11. Omaha (Billy Joe Shaver/Hillman Hall)
12. Burn the Honeysuckle
13. Ants on the Melon > You Really Got Me tease (Ray Davies)
14. I Like Drinking
15. Waxy's Dargle (trad.)
16. Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother (Ray Wylie Hubbard)
17. Feelin' on Yo Booty (R. Kelly)
18. Right in the Head
19. Shamrock Bound
20. Nitty Gritty (Doug Sahm)
21. Flavor on yer Tung > Hang Fire (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
22. Whiter Shade of Pale tease (Gary Brooker/Keith Reid/Matthew Fisher) > Blue Monk tease (Thelonious Monk)
23. Gin and Juice (Calvin Broadus, et al.) > Hate & War (Joe Strummer/Mick Jones) > The Good Ol' Boys (Waylon Jennings) > Super Freak (Rick James/Alonzo Miller) > Surrender (Rick Nielsen) > Gin and Juice *
24. Oh Sister (Bob Dylan) **
25. All the Labor **

*Claude played the melody from The Tinys Variety Hour (Claude Bernard/Matt Cook/Travis Garaffa) on his guitar at two different times during this medley & soundman Mark Creaney joined them on acoustic guitar just before Surrender
**Unplugged version. As the band came back for the encore, their soundman told them the PA system had to be turned off. Since they had already put their guitars back on, they decided to continue without power. To be able to hear everything, "the crowd got deathly quiet". On All the Labor, "Jimmy stood out in the front of the stage and belted it out, almost a cappella" (K. Langford, personal communication, October 21, 2009). "The total silence as Jimmy sang was magical...Late night, cold with smoke and ash from the fires drifting over us. We were like gypsies" (K. Russell, personal communication, October 21, 2009).

Note: Soundcheck for the late set began with a few
Whippoorwill calls and included teases or partial versions of Old Folks at Home (Stephen Foster), Frosty the Snowman (Walter "Jack" Rollins/Steve Nelson), Those Were the Days (Lee Adams/Charles Strouse), Aqualung (Ian Anderson/Jennie Anderson), Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhoads/Bob Daisley), and Sweet Jane (Lou Reed).

Special thanks to Zig, Todd & Christine Cliatt, Mike Gregory, mr soul, and Ed Martz for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.


  1. Hopefully a friend who was recording did not run out of tape. I could not find him after the late show. Should see him in this week.

    Of the dozen or so times I have seen them in the last few years, that show was up there.

  2. great news! hope to hear it soon. as far as the show being "up there", I talked to kev the next day and I think he'd probably agree. thanks again.


  3. They started their second set (scheduled for 50 min) 10 minutes late at 10:50, they played till 1:00, sound guy shut down, then they did another 30 minutes acoustic. One of their best shows ever!


  4. Just listened to the 2nd set & I'll get right to the point: It is the BEST combo of song choice, performance, stage banter, crowd participation, and recording quality that I've ever heard from The Gourds. Thank you for your fine work, Mr Soul.


  5. The Zigmeister does know how to throw a party, and the Gourds hit that one out of the park.

  6. It was actually about 0110 when they turned off the soundboard after "Gin and Juice".

    I did not record any after the board went off because I had already walked to my car with gear. I missed the encore. There is a remote chance that the other taper did record the acoustic encore. I will be checking with him tonight at the Dickey Betts' show in Greenville. If not, it's not to be had other than in the heads of the lucky few.

    Great sets and a perfect day of music, BBQ, mason jars and fires all around. Thank you to the Gourds for putting a big SMILE on my face this weekend. I am looking forward to the next time! Fes T val!!!!

  7. Ok, there does exist a recording of the acoustic encore. I spoke with the other taper last night. The levels need work and lots of yelling from the party patrons :-). He is sending to me and I will include in the LMA version once I have everything as best it can be. I will also add some of the "Crazy Train" from soundcheck. Totally forgot about that. :-) mrsoul

  8. ahhhhhh, the circle is then complete. thank you, once again, for everything. and thank the other guy for me, too, wouldya? great job.