In Search Of Lost Songs: Oh Zero Where Are You?

While The Gourds have played 72% of their original catalog since TGN began keeping track in May of last year, the songs listed below received ZERO plays during that same time period. It got us wondering: Of the following 35 songs, which 3 or 4 would you most like to see them pick up again?

Update: The fans have spoken! As of January 15, 2010, at 8:31am, the top four songs requested are...Foggy Blossom (Mechanical Bride) (6 votes), Ham-Fisted Box of Gloves (5 votes), The Bridge (5 votes), and Honduras (4 votes). Just missing the cut with 3 votes each were...Jenny Brown, Dyin' Diamond, Ghosts of Hallelujah, Pickles, and 1st in Line. Here's to their safe and speedy return *clink*

01. Jenny Brown (3 votes) [played 9-28-11]
02. Sweet Li'l (1) [played 9-03-10]
03. Money Honey (1) [played 4-03-10]
04. Honduras (4) [played 4-24-10]
05. Pinetar Ramparts (2)
06. Makes Me Roll [played 9-25-10]
07. Stadium Blitzer
08. Coppermine (2)
09. Dyin' Diamond (3) [played 4-26-11]
10. When the Money Comes Rolling In [played 3-03-12]
11. I Ate the Haggis (1) [played 9-25-10]
12. Ghosts of Hallelujah (3) [played 4-23-11]
13. January 6 (2) [played 8-27-10]
14. The Flat Baritone [played 2-11-10]
15. Big Santiago Bust [played 2-15-10]
16. Receipts and Fevers [played 3-05-10]
17. Pickles (3) [played 6-25-11]
18. Bugs [played 12-31-10]
19. Waterbag (1) [played 4-24-10]
20. Turn My Head Around
21. 1st in Line (3) [played 12-31-10]
22. Foggy Blossom (Mechanical Bride) (6) [played 4-03-10]
23. The Bridge (5) [played 4-14-12]
24. Ham-Fisted Box of Gloves (5) [played 4-02-10]
25. The Prayer That Fell Upon the Mirror (1)
26. Sweet Nutty (2) [played 6-26-10]
27. Wired Ole Gal (2) [played 1-08-11]
28. On Time (2) [played 9-17-10]
29. Let Him In
30. Turd in my Pocket (1) [played 2-16-12]
31. Weather Woman [played 1-29-10]
32. Our Patriarch (1)
33. The Education Song (1) [played 2-15-12]
34. Pick and Roll (1) [played 5-03-10]
35. Last Letter (2) [played 2-16-12]

Note: This list only includes original songs from The Gourds' nine studio albums. Please post your picks in the comments section below.


  1. I say: Pickles
    The Bridge
    Foggy Blossom
    Ham fisted box of gloves

    The Midwest awaits your return!

  2. Haggis, Hallelujah, and The Bridge -- definitely The Bridge; the first time I heard it, I stayed in my car and played it three more times just tryin' to take it all in!

  3. 1st in Line!!! Then, Foggy Blossom (Mechanical Bride), Ham-Fisted Box of Gloves and Sweet Nutty.

  4. 1. honduras
    2. coppermine
    3. january 6
    4. last letter

    east coast still jonesing for some gourds...

  5. Frankly, Dyin' Diamond, Our Patriarch and Foggy Blossom would be at the top of my list.


  6. I'd love to hear Jenny Brown and Honduras at The Tractor next month.


  7. January 6
    January 6
    January 6
    and January 6...
    and then maybe Sweet Lil

  8. I think it's clear that "72%" is incredibly generous. The songs that are represented in heavy rotation make up *perhaps* 22.4%.
    Subtract the songs from each quarter- it becomes obvious that Lament, Moon Gone Down, Roll and Tumble, (etc)- all sit in the spacetime interval alongside the double zeros above. I don't even know WHY they wrote Gangsta Lean? In fact, Lowlands may suck us faster than light through the mouth of a traversable wormhole into a parallel galaxy.
    So maybe The Gourds should start writing songs cubically? It's an easier fit through a quantum vacuum.

  9. oh, anonymous, I do likes the way you break it down!

  10. Last Letter
    (and keep Gangsta Lean)

  11. 1. Pickles
    2. Honduras
    3. Pick and roll

    all are amazing songs that are catchy as hell

  12. 1. Ghosts of Hallelujah
    2. Dyin' Diamond
    3. Ham-Fisted Box of Gloves
    4. 1st in Line

  13. pinetar, wired ole gal, bridge

  14. It doesn't matter what they sing, I just hope to see them sing it in NYC or Massachusetts.

    Jon V.

  15. I'm with Jon V. I'll leave it in The Gourds hands, they have NEVER done us wrong. Just need more of it in the NJ/NY area. Last Letter is an amazing song but I can see how it may not be a great live choice......

    New record coming?????

    Dave B.

  16. Coppermine and even though it's not on the list I'd like to see Blood of the Ram put into's so studly.
    A Goodson

  17. Jenny Brown, Ghosts of Hallelujah, Foggy Blossom, and Turd In My Pocket. I've heard all 4 live, but not in a long time.

  18. In no particular order:

    Prayer That Fell Upon The Mirror, Jenny Brown, Foggy Blossom, 1st In Line

    -- Tomski

  19. Grave on the green hillside---talked 'Ribs into it one night in Mpls coupla years ago.



  21. 'grave on the green hillside' isn't on the list b/c it's not from a studio album, but it's still a great song that I'd love to hear again. actually, there were quite a few like that on the facebook version of TGN: paul suggested 'low is the way' (a staple back in the beeble days), pete asked for 'starkweather' (a rob bernard number that jimmy used to do), 'ain't gonna have it tonight' (an old jimmy song that really should be on a record), and 'wannamakers' (a kev tune from the beeble days). lisa agreed on 'starkweather' and 'wannamakers', and barnes made a case for a couple of covers they used to do...'sorry you're sick' (by ted hawkins), and 'flags and banners' (by the faces) which they just soundchecked on december 4th. anyway, all great stuff. hope some of it finds its way back into the set at some point.

  22. Ham-Fisted Box of Gloves you can do it Kev dig deep


  23. The Education Song, Wired Ole Gal, Honduras...


  24. Dying Diamond
    On Time


  25. I second:

    The Bridge
    Foggy Blossom
    Ham fisted box of gloves

    I also second:

    East Coast dates! Can The Gourds get within a state line or two away from New York??

  26. Hands down; I would love to hear Sweet Nutty. Pickles and Pinetar would be most appreciated as well.

  27. as of the 1-29-10 show in coupland, weather woman is no longer on the ZERO list. wonder what provoked him to play it. I mean, it didn't even have any votes :)

  28. as of the 2-11-10 show in portland, the flat baritone is no longer on the ZERO list.

  29. as of the 2-15-10 show in ketchum, big santiago bust is no longer on the ZERO list.

  30. as of the 3-05-10 show in austin, receipts and fevers is no longer on the ZERO list.

  31. as of the 4-02-10 show in fort worth, ham fisted box of gloves is no longer on the ZERO list.

  32. as of the 4-03-10 show in austin, money honey AND foggy blossom (mechanical bride) are no longer on the ZERO list.

  33. as of the 4-24-10 show in medina, honduras AND waterbag are no longer on the ZERO list.

  34. as of the 5-03-10 show in phoenix, pick and roll is no longer on the ZERO list.