7-08-09 Seattle, WA

© thenotoriousmark

Audio: by Stano
Photos: by Ray Y. (incl. opening act & video)

The Gourds
Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Avenue NW
Seattle, WA

01. Arapaho
02. Web Before You Walk into It
03. Roll & Tumble
04. Right in the Head
05. Bridgett
06. Mister Betty
07. Shreveport
08. Motherless Children (trad.)
09. Blankets
10. Low is the Way
11. New Dues
12. Luddite Juice
13. Red Letter Day
14. The Gyroscopic
15. The Tinys Variety Hour (Claude Bernard/Matt Cook/Travis Garaffa)
16. God's House
17. "Stab"
18. Lord, Got Tomatoes (The Bahamian Blind Blake) > Burn the Honeysuckle
19. Gravity Talks (Dan Stuart/Chris Cacavas)
20. Blanket Show
21. Tighter
22. All in the Pack > I Fought the Law (Sonny Curtis) > All in the Pack
23. Country Love
24. Maria
25. Clear Night
26. I Know I'm Not Wrong (Lindsey Buckingham)

Special thanks to Earl, Ray Y, ab, Mark, and Stano for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.

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  1. A bunch of us met at La Carta in Ballard for some great food and our favorite margaritas, then headed to the Tractor for the show. I thought it was a pretty small crowd even though it was a Wednesday, maybe 250 at most. Baby Gramps [the opening act] was outstanding, hilarious and truly entertaining, and he serenaded us after the show just for good measure. That guy is a character, and tonight the infamous Shinyribs opens. I hope he's as good as Baby Gramps!!!!

    I thought The Gourds lacked some energy last night, and I am not sure what Jimmy's problem was, but he was in an awful mood. He spent much of his time both before and after the show with huge headphones on, and wasn't particularly friendly to anyone. It's too bad b/c I always enjoy chatting with him, but perhaps after a good nights sleep and relaxing day today, he will be in top form tonight. A couple of the highlights for me were Web Before You Walk Into and Clear Night, one of the encores. It was a show that was exempt of all your typical crowd pleasers, but a good show nonetheless. And, Stano recorded it and was there in all his kind glory. Thanks Stano, and I always appreciate the shows I attend even more when listening to them after wards, so I can't wait to hear it? Have you mastered it yet? What are you waiting for! Anywho, I fully expect tonight to be more lively and a bigger crowd with the band having more energy, and it to be a greatest hits type of show. So, my guess is we here the likes of Lower 48, Cracklin's, Jorge, Ants On A Melon, Flavor On Yer Tongue, Plaid Coat, All the Labor, Jericho, Whiskey In A Jar and many others! What Shelby and I haven't heard in ages is Blood of the ram, and I need to see Kev stomping those feet and Claude pounding the keys tonight!!! BTW, Claude LOVED the Natty Boh shirt we got him so we are thrilled about that. It should be a blast and we have a bigger crew, so more tomorrow.