Northwest Preview: One Question with K. Russell

TheGourdsNews: I see you have a five show run coming up that takes you through the great Northwest. Any thoughts on that before you embark...either about playing in that region, or about this tour, in particular?

Kevin Russell: Ah, yes, the great Northwest. Well, everybody is feeling good. We're all healthy and rested for the most part. I do have a bone spur in my heel that hurts when I walk, but I can still get around and dance so it won't affect my performance. I think the biggest challenge we face is that two night stand in Seattle. Second nights are always tough, mainly because you tend to party a little harder than normal the first night (laughs). Both nights will be different, though...there might be some repeats of greatest-hits stuff here and there, but it will be different each night. Then in Portland we're playing a much bigger room...with a big national act, Patterson Hood, opening for us. I'm trying to get ahold of him to see if he wants to do a song with us, which could be a lot of fun, but I haven't gotten through yet. Anyway, then it's two nights at the Oregon Country know, in the forrest with the hippies and the deadheads...and the wizards and the elves (laughs). That should be cool. Looking forward to seeing the great Jim Walker from Austin, TX, who hails from Oregon and has often fantasized about The Gourds playing his home festival. Finally the dream comes true.


  1. it's as if you two know each other...the easy camraderie, the smooth banter back and forth. love this whole gourds news thing, btw. warms me heart, matey.

  2. glad to hear you dig it. btw, if you're not following it already, you might also like take care.