7-09-09 Seattle, WA

© Ray Y.

Audio: by Stano
Photos: by Ray Y.

The Gourds
Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Avenue NW
Seattle, WA

01. Country Love
02. Yoli Found a Opossum
03. Pushed Her Down > Magic Carpet Ride (John Kay/Rushton Moreve) > Pushed Her Down
04. Out on the Vine
05. A Few Extra Kilos
06. Fossil Contender
07. Omaha (Billy Joe Shaver/Hillman Hall)
08. Ants on the Melon
09. Magnolia
10. Illegal Oyster
11. Hey Thurman
12. Dooley (trad.)
13. Pine Island Bayou
14. Tearbox *
15. Jesus Christ with Signs Following
16. Everybody's Missing the Sun (Nils Lofgren)
17. Collections
18. Pill Bug Blues
19. How Will U Shine
20. TTT Gas
21. I Come Up >
22. All the Labor
23. Flavor on yer Tung **
24. My Name is Jorge
25. Oh Sister (Bob Dylan)

*Claude was off-stage as this song began, so the rest of the band improvised something that "kinda sounded like Beat the Retreat by Richard Thompson, but it never became that" (K. Russell, personal communication, July 10, 2009)

**Kevin played mandolin instead of electric guitar, and Claude played acoustic guitar instead of piano during this faster, "bluegrassy" arrangement (K. Russell, personal communication, July 10, 2009)

Special thanks to Ray Y., Earl, and Stano for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.

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  1. It was an outstanding show indeed. Super high energy and it looked like the boys were really having a good time. In particular, it was great to see Jimmy enjoying himself and it appears he's trying to kick that cigarillo habit again which ain't easy, so keep up the good work Jimmy! .... Thanks to the Gourds and Shinyribs (who put on a brilliant show last night) for two outstanding nights and hope the shows in Portland are fun and memorable. It was great to meet some new folks here and look forward to the next time...