Houston Press: Towering Townes

Van Zandt, John Nova Lomax, and Lightnin' Hopkins (c. 1968)

Editor's note: The following paragraph was taken from a Dec. 28 review by John Nova Lomax of the Brian Atkinson book on Townes Van Zandt, "I'll Be Here In The Morning". Click here to read the rest of that article.

In Kevin Russell's chapter, the Gourds front man says, correctly, that Van Zandt's finest album is Live at the Old Quarter — as it captures Van Zandt at the peak of his vocal and instrumental powers and is utterly shorn of schmaltz. Russell then goes a little too far when he says it's the only Townes you'll ever need. Yes, the old studio albums were overproduced, but there are quite a few great songs on them nonetheless, many of which are not on the Old Quarter album: "Sad Cinderella," "Colorado Girl," "Quicksilver Daydreams of Maria," to name but three he recorded before the Old Quarter taping, and gems like "Flyin' Shoes," "Snowin' on Raton" and "Marie" that came later. All of that said, if you've never listened to Old Quarter, you've cheated yourself of a chance to truly appreciate Townes. And that goes double if you've been suckered into buying one of the many, almost always ghoulish, posthumous live albums.

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  1. Great pic of townes and po lightnin AINT IT FUN BEING FROM TEXAS!!!!!