12-29-11 Houston, TX

Photos: by Jennifer Cassaday / by Cassandra Ladino
Video: Shreveport / Tex-Mex Mile / Haunted / Burn the Honeysuckle / All the Labor

The Gourds
The Continental Club
3700 Main Street
Houston, TX

01. I Like Drinking
02. (the new way of) Grievin' & Smokin'
03. Declineometer
04. Shreveport
05. I Want it So Bad
06. My Name is Jorge
07. Tex-Mex Mile
08. All in the Pack > Pump it Up (Elvis Costello) > All in the Pack
09. Haunted
10. Caledonia
11. God's House
12. Two Sparrows
13. Bridgett
14. Drop What I'm Doing
15. Jesus Christ with Signs Following
16. Burn the Honeysuckle
17. Melchert
18. El Paso
19. Ants on the Melon
20. Your Benefit
21. Drop the Charges
22. Peppermint City
23. Do 4 U *
24. All the Labor

*Jimmy sang the first verse

Note: Due to technical difficulties, Kevin's first attempt at using a head-set microphone was unsuccessful tonight.

© Jennifer Cassaday

Special thanks to Alison MacIver Goodson, Jennifer Cassaday, Annie & Sean Doyle, William Michael Smith, and Cassandra Ladino for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.

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