No Depression Blog: Gig Poem For Sullivan Hall

New York, New York (gig poem for Sullivan hall)
By Kevin Russell
October 18, 2011

NY NY Dream machine with a gangsta lean.
A trampoline for the Kings and Queens.
A salute to cute boots what bounce in style
Across the Brooklyn scum,
Audible tongues,
The source of the sum
Seen from a million crooked eyes

New York, oh my ragged tiger pants
My veiny, sparkling date for the dance
Dressed in despair despite the bow
Harlam song of death
angels crest
The lungs to leave the chest
Kissing on nights young glow

NY yer a lover for the clang and gaunt
their sauces sold, hunting for haunt
A racket for former mayor's and ghouls
manhattan's lust for blood
To dust returned from suds
Only trust can break the buds
So it goes with blooms and rules

Note: Audio, video, and set list from this show can be found here.

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