No Depression Blog: The Curry Also Rises

Falls Church, When Fans Cook For Us or The Curry Also Rises
By Kevin Russell
October 18, 2011

We used to play The Birchmere all the time, until they started calling us the house band. I believe there was once they told us to get lost on a date we wanted. So we followed the guidance of our long time local friend, Pete Shimm, to this little theatre in Falls Church. Phonetically it sounds like atheist ranting. But, it is just another little Virginia town swallowed by the cradle of filth and forefathers fantasy.

A beautiful day spread out over the whole region. We were on our way from Baltimore after a night of down-home goodness. The State seemed rather aloof in comparison. Sound check seemed to take extra long. These giant theaters are just not much fun for sound. I would much rather play a smaller venue. And I am sure our crowd woulda rather see a show in a smaller place. We also used to play The Iota, even before they widened it.

But, we are all conditioned to be ever expanding and growing in that good ol' capitalist way. Get a bus, play giant festivals and theater to create the rock star illusion all the while retaining one's "indie" street cred. It's all bullshit of course. We know it and some of the people know it. The Gourds, while not escaping all of these trappings, have managed to keep it on a human level. I mean I certainly don't think myself better than the folks who support us. I will tell you though that a lot of performers do feel this way. I can understand an iconic guy like Willie hiding on his bus until show time and then escaping just after. But, there are many who give their fans no time and no respect. We ain't like that. Never have been. I answer almost all emails and am always glad to meet the fans of The Gourds. We truly appreciate all the support we get.

Sometimes fans become friends and end up cooking us great meals. In this case our friends Ian and Sara, who live in the DC. area provided us with a huge, home cooked Indian meal, as they have before. Usually we visit them on an off night at their home. As this was not possible, Ian took it upon himself to bring the meal to us. And it was a great spread. Thanks again Ian and Sara for keeping us fed. Haha.

Pete Shimm and his wife, Robin brought their two brand new twin baby girls to meet us as well. We love the babies, ya know. They had modified onesies that said something to the effect of wanting a Claude song on the next record. I couldn't agree more. In fact I am thinking it should be a total Claudestravaganza. Claude songs only?

Note: Audio, video, and set list from this show can be found here.

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  1. KR,
    Seen u at Iota, Birchmere (a bunch) and every year at the State theater.....agree that the little stage at the Birchmere was great, but we love the space to dance at the state. But where you go we will follow. Phenomenal show. Brought a couple newbies with me and they were in awe. Thx.