9-23-10 Greenville, SC

© d3gourds

Audio: by Dan McDonnell / by Paul Sullivan (pending)
Photos: by Cassandra Mullinix
Video: complete show (pending)

The Gourds
The Handlebar
304 East Stone Avenue
Greenville, SC

01. Country Love
02. Cranky Mulatto
03. Mister Betty
04. Trampled by the Sun
05. Clear Night
06. Pushed Her Down
07. The Gyroscopic
08. Luddite Juice
09. Red Letter Day
10. Web Before You Walk into It
11. Money Honey
12. When Wine Was Cheap
13. My Name is Jorge
14. (the new way of) Grievin' & Smokin > Precious Memories (J.B.F. Wright) > Grievin' & Smokin'
15. Gin and Juice (Calvin Broadus, et al.), > Daytime Friends (Ben Joseph Peters) > Theme from the Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys) (Waylon Jennings) > Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan) > Gin and Juice
16. Waxy's Dargle (trad.)
17. Cracklins

Soundcheck: Don't Pass Me By (Richard Starkey), Cold Bed

Special thanks to Paul Sullivan, Hugh & Sara Bradburn, Cassandra Mullinix, and Pete Rutherford for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email


  1. if philly was THE show of the tour, greenvile was the opposite. some great tunes, and lots of energy throughout...but just so short. not sure why. plus, I got hassled in the parking lot afterwards by a special ops (in his mind) security guard who had nothing better to do than throw his weight around. what a dick. but not a bad show, overall...just too short.

  2. I'm guessing the security guard thing comes from the fact that a few nights ago Parmalee, a NC band that plays the Handlebar a lot, got into a robbery/shootout while loading up after a show in Rock Hill. Freaked John Jeter (Handlebar owner) out a bit, little too close to home in multiple ways.

    Story is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parmalee
    wikipedia knows all.

    Karma D.

  3. yeah, that might have had something to do with it. he was just doing his job, I guess. but he could've been nicer about it. no biggie. thanks for the background piece.

  4. p.s. just for the record, my original post was supposed to read "greenville" not "greenvile".