9-20-10 Philadelphia, PA

© Joe Ryan

Audio: by Craig Tasarski
Photos: by Joe Ryan / by Cassandra Mullinix
Video: Wanamakers (pending) / Waterbag (pending)

The Gourds
North Star Bar
2639 Poplar Street
Philadelphia, PA

01. Up on High
02. Collections
03. O Rings
04. Low is the Way
05. Burn the Honeysuckle > Black Water tease (Patrick Simmons) > Burn the Honeysuckle
06. Big Santiago Bust
07. County Orange
08. Steeple Full of Swallows
09. Cracklins
10. Bean Bowl >
11. My Time Yer Time >
12. Son of Bum
13. Wanamakers *
14. Fine Leather Truck
15. Waterbag
16. New Roommate
17. Amazing Grace (John Newton) > Hallelujah Shine
18. Lower 48 **
19. Love Train tease (Kenny Gamble/Leon Huff)
20. Interplanetary Music tease (Sun Ra) ***
21. Honduras
22. Ants on the Melon
23. La Bamba tease (trad.)
24. The Tinys Variety Hour (Bernard/Matt Cook/Travis Garaffa) ****
25. Whiskey & Blood *****

*1st time played in over a decade
Richmond Ditch version
***A cappella three part harmony
****Down-tempo acoustic version
*****For Grant Nelson (1965-2010)

© Joe Ryan

Special thanks to Craig Taraszki, Joe Ryan, Cassandra Mullinix, Ian Glazer, Jimmy Frazier, Peter Backes, and Bill Shields for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.


  1. tomski...wanamakers is an old kevin song that he probably hasn't played since 97 or 98. and it's just the kind of thing that sets this show apart from the rest. I would put this gig in my top five all-time...and it's not gonna get bumped out by anything else. they were in FULL command from start to finish. great picks and superior versions. and they were doing odd-ball sh*t, too, like the a cappella sun ra. suffice it to say, I can NOT wait to hear the audio. only wish I had filmed more video. this one was a true gem!

  2. Gotta agree with D3-awesome, awesome show.
    New York was great, Philly was great.

    First time I've heard Wanamaker, but it was a VERY cool local touch. I yelled to Kevin after the song-"where did that song come from?" He went on to tell how he read about it closing-its history, etc., and wrote a song-"Well Read" indeed.

    I've been to the original store many times as a kid (especially at Christmas time for the light show-which still runs today at Macy's in the orginal Wanamaker store-even took my kids when they were younger). There is a good Wikipedia article on Wanamaker.

    Another local touch-Claude was wearing a Phillies "Irish" (green) t-shirt.

    Those guys are in TOP form, great interaction with their fans-rolling with the crowd yelling requests at them. At one point Kevin said something like "we can't play them all, there are over 200 (or was it 300?) songs to choose from."

    It was more than an show-it was an event. The guys were available to shake hands and talk to before and after the show-I even got to buy Jimmy and Kevin a beer.

    Whoever made the recording-PLEASE post it to archive-it is probably a BoB in its entirety.

    (Oh, and D3-thanks for the field report credit!)

  3. Must.... Hear.... Recording!!!
    (I think Craig lost his harddrive.)

    The Shinyribs set was also great!
    Neeed....inter..net..ar..chive! The memories are fading fast....
    Craig must upload before it is too late!

  4. haha I hope you're just kidding about craig having computer problems. I'm sure he'll get to it when he can.