7-10-10 Veneta, OR

© Rhonda Peterson

Photos: by Ken Lamb / by Rhonda Peterson / by Sean Doyle
Video: Arrival pt. 1 / Arrival pt. 2 / Long Gone Like a Turkey thru the Corn > Radar Love > Long Gone Like a Turkey thru the Corn / Right in the Head / Everybody's Missing the Sun / Take Me to the River > Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough > Listen to Her Heart > Gin and Juice

The Gourds
41th Annual Oregon Country Fair (Hoarse Chorale Stage)
Highway 126
Veneta, OR

01. Long Gone Like a Turkey thru the Corn (Lightnin' Hopkins) > Radar Love (George Kooymans/Barry Hay) > Long Gone Like a Turkey thru the Corn
02. LGO
03. Yoli Found a Possum
04. Maria
05. Country Love
06. Bridgett
07. (the new way of) Grievin' & Smokin' > I'm the Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised) (Johnny Paycheck) > Grievin' & Smokin'
08. Right in the Head
09. Dooley (trad.)
10. Everybody's Missing the Sun (Nils Lofgren)
11. El Paso
12. All In The Pack > I Fought The Law (Sonny Curtis) > All In The Pack
13. Gin and Juice (Calvin Broadus, et al.) > "Gin and Juice soliloquy" > Gin and Juice > Take Me to the River (Al Green/Mabon "Teenie" Hodges) > Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough (Michael Jackson) > Listen to Her Heart (Tom Petty) > Gin and Juice

© Sean Doyle

Soundcheck: Frosty The Snowman (Walter "Jack" Rollins/Steve Nelson), Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Wallace Willis)

© Ken Lamb

Special thanks to Mickey Donutz, Rhonda Peterson, Jennifer Cassaday, Billy Kelly, Annie & Sean Doyle, Adam Russell, and Ken Lamb for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.


  1. Jimmy oughta be singing 'The Bridge' in that outfit!


  2. Ya know.... listening to Kev's voice at the very beginning of this G&J improv reminded me of "jim dandy to the rescue" from black oak arkansas.