10-03-09 Austin, TX

Audio: by Aaron Wevodau
Video: God's House

The Gourds
Threadgill’s World Headquarters
301 West Riverside Drive
Austin, TX

01. Clear Night
02. Hooky Junk
03. When Wine Was Cheap
04. Blanket Show
05. Lower 48
06. Tex-Mex Mile
07. Mister Betty
08. Trampled by the Sun
09. Omaha (Billy Joe Shaver/Hillman Hall)
10. Ants on the Melon
11. Magnolia
12. God's House
13. We're in the Same Boat, Brother (Lead Belly)
14. 911 is a Joke tease (William Drayton/Eric Sadler/Hank Shocklee) > Burn the Honeysuckle
15. The Gyroscopic
16. New Dues
17. The Tinys Variety Hour (Claude Bernard/Matt Cook/Travis Garaffa)
18. Pine Island Bayou
19. Flavor on yer Tung
20. Plaid Coat
21. All the Labor
22. Country Love
23. Waxy's Dargle (trad.)
24. El Paso
25. Louie Louie tease (Richard Berry) > All in the Pack > I Fought the Law (Sonny Curtis) > All in the Pack
26. Gin and Juice (Calvin Broadus, et al.) > I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Nash) > Up on Cripple Creek (Robbie Robertson) > Psycho Killer (David Byrne/Chris Frantz/Tina Weymouth) > Life During Wartime (David Byrne/Chris Frantz/Jerry Harrison/Tina Weymouth) > Gin and Juice

Note: Kevin talks about this show in the comments section.

© Aaron Wevodau

Special thanks to Tomski, Aaron Wevodau, John Jones, Ducktaper, brumanchu04, and Russ Barnes for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.


  1. The Gourds just burned it down!!!


  2. that show's got "we don't need yer stinkin' ACL festival" written all over it. gourds rock. nobody in that town even comes close.

  3. In a weekend filled with both true rock stars and total posers, the Gourds played the best set of ACL Fest weekend last night. I will send a couple of (grainy) pics soon...

  4. Awesome night at Threadgill's. The rain stopped and the Band ripped! -BT

  5. This was a fun azz show start to finish. The fest brings out lots of folks that don't normally make it out to see us. There is a certain "taken for granted" thing going on with old fans these days. I am sure they would make some lame excuses like kids, jobs, illness, unemployment or military service. But I don't wanna hear it. Until this show they was about to get they frequent show miles discontinued, ha. Seriously though we needed a big game like this. And everybody played well. Some tech issues and broken strings twisted things a bit but this unflappable band just kept stompin' thru. At this point I think it's best to not play the festival. This after show is much better for us and our fans. The festival is too big and too crowded and too prone to have shit sound. Most everyone would rather experience live
    music in smaller venues. We feel the same way about playing music in these kind of places. At Threadgills we get to play as
    long as we want, make more money than the tight ass fest would ever pay and we get to talk and shake hands and take pictures with all these great folks from all over the USA. It's a hit.

  6. "We are the Gourds and we play for keeps"

    Highlights: Mark Creaney (sp?) rescuing Jimmy monitor sound early on; dancing with Joy at Gdz for 1st time in awhile; Flavr on tongue best song of night; All Gourds happy and smiling after 15 years; GnJ; Leadbelly a cappella by Shiny; Kimmie's combat rock wet weather outfit; Fischer's Monkey Bowl; Ducktaper back in action; Shiny's pawn shop country punk guitar? 2 hr 35 minute show, double encore. In bed by 1 am.


  7. The large number of out-of-towners definitely helped to keep an edge (in a great way) to the crowd. It looked to me slightly smaller than a typical Threadgills show, but the crowd was way into it, and that makes for the best shows.

    Have to agree with txcheeser that Flavor was the highlight of the night. That was the best version of that song I've heard, and I'm a big Flavor fan. Great solo by Shinyribs at the end of the song. Other highlights were the a cappella God's House and the Leadbelly song, performed while Max fixed strings on the mandolin and acoustic guitar.

    Tiny's (Chinese) variety Hour rocked, Plaid Coat & All The Labor were perfect, and you can't beat the pairing of Ants and Magnolia.

    Before Honeysuckle, Kev started singing "Fight The Power," and as if on cue an ambulance went by with siren wailing. It was one of those nights were things just sort of clicked.