Unknown Soldier: One Question with M. Johnston

TheGourdsNews: I've noticed that when people write about you they tend to gravitate towards your musical past, both in terms of your family and the bands you've played in, but when I think of you the first thing that comes to mind is the time I stopped by your house and found myself surrounded by model tanks...and I also have an image in my mind now of you hanging out in David Childers war room recreating some historic battle. Can you talk a little bit about how you got involved in all that stuff and what it means to you?

Max Johnston: The tanks and stuff, that's my WW2 thing. Me and David played this wargame one time in his shed. "Somewhere outside Stalingrad," he said. I had command of elements of General Hoth's 4th Panzer against I believe what must have been Major General Badonov's entire 24th Tank Corps because, now, we were entrenched, don't get me wrong....but you can't just entrench against an onslought like that. I mean, they'd just as soon roll over you anyway. I had four 88's blasting away, but it was only a matter of time. I even had a couple of the brand new Kings out there but, what was it? Sixteen barrels to six? Okay, well, that was that. Problem second was David was throwin' boxcars while I would toss 10 D6 and tally a nine. Anyway, it was brutal. BBQ showed up or something and strangely, my ranks broke and ran. His ranks stopped and considered things because I blew smoke on them. That's almost what it means to me until I see evidence to the contrary.


  1. Max is somethin' else.

  2. Classic. I can't wait for future installments.

  3. d3, your contributions in the realm of music journalism are unparalleled.

    Can't wait for the Jimmy interview...


  4. thanks, peter. I do what I can to keep it interesting...and, just for the record, the jimmy interview is pending...keep your fingers crossed.


  5. these are really fun d3, keep 'em comin'!