Government Bailout: One Question with J. Smith

© Joe Ryan

TheGourdsNews: I read somewhere that you once had a two-man band with Claude Bernard called Old Government. What can you tell me about it?

Jimmy Smith: You mean the silver-old quary government group. Hardly worth mentioning. Two busks, one open mic night, and an opening slot for the Wannabes at the Hole In The Wall. We played whatever was current on the Tascam deck...Laggard, Squeeze Box Mexican, Nipple in the Cold Wind. I remember a lot of good times with Claude before The Gourds. We would buy big bottles of red table wine and play chess on an old square coffee table. We didn't have a board so I sharpied one on it. All the pawns were spark plugs, we whittled the knights, rooks were curled up forks, we had bishops, queens were 50-cent pieces, and the king was something different every game; Claude was partial to a novelty mini-dildo mounted on a base. He usually won, so I lost interest. Really I was just riding around in the 'groovers paradise' and I only half knew it because of the steamy bowl, mi amigos, and how I used to start each day off by saying, "Man this Mother-fucker's wide open". Just mindlessly carrying the torch passed on by mid-eighties Shreveport-stoner house Factory freakishness. All mediums undulating under the radar. Unadulterated by the spot light. Popin' brat casings and long necks. Then we got on the gourd foot. S2 just ate a lego--gotta run.


  1. I have no comment

  2. did the lego get pooped out?

  3. Is there some sort of modern Rosetta Stone one can consult to try to figure out what any of this means?


  4. all made perfect sense to me. the "mid-eighties Shreveport-stoner house" was immortalized in "New Roomate", no?

    but, more interestingly, what's the skinny on jimmy's evil triplets dusty and clocker? dissociative identity disorder?


  5. is that baby gramps in the back ground of accompanying photo? eeeeyoooouuuuwwwwwoooeeewwwwuuuyyy

  6. re: baby gramps...I thought the same thing!