3-24-12 New Orleans, LA

Audio: by Anonymous (pending)
Photos: by Wesley Hodges / by Cassandra Ladino
Video: Shreveport / My Name is Jorge / Magnolia / You Must Not Know / Burn the Honeysuckle

The Gourds
4th Annual Hogs for the Cause Fundraiser
City Park (Frisbee Golf Fields)
1 Palm Drive
New Orleans, LA

01. Hooky Junk
02. Cranky Mulatto
03. Shreveport
04. Hellhounds
05. My Name is Jorge
06. All in the Pack
07. Lower 48 *
08. Magnolia
09. Drop What I'm Doing
10. You Must Not Know
11. Peppermint City
12. Melchert
13. Pill Bug Blues
14. Luddite Juice
15. Your Benefit
16. Burn the Honeysuckle
17. Gin and Juice (Calvin Broadus, et al.) > Cupid (Sam Cooke) > Gin and Juice

© Sharon Swan

*Richmond Ditch version

Special thanks to Cassandra Ladino, Wesley Hodges, Sharon Swan, The Legendary Eddie V, and Stano for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.

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