Texas Music Scene: Top 10 Albums Of The Year

Editor's note: The following review was taken from a Jan. 6 list by Mike Messick covering the third and final round of his "30 Albums of the Year". Click here to read the rest of that article.

3. The Gourds – Old Mad Joy. I don’t generally like it when other writers use the word “gumbo” to describe a band with rootsy, funky, diversely-influenced style, but dammit if it doesn’t always seem to fit the Gourds. They’ve been the premier purveyors of ecstatically out-there folk rock for the last 15+ years and apparently there’s still plenty of gas in the tank … “Two Sparrows” is a Dylanesque epic, “Drop The Charges” a punk-tinged stomp, “I Want It So Bad” a sunny, shuffling rocker. Even the more middling songs are hardly anything to be ashamed of, and more just a byproduct of how their best material sets the bar so high.

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