10-08-11 Greer, SC

© Rhonda Peterson

Photos: by Rhonda Peterson (pending) / by Cassandra Ladino / by Christine Cliatt (pending) / by Gina Owens Kent (pending) /
Video: I Come Up / Tomb of Nefertari > Lament / Darlin' Cory / Big Santiago Bust / Rugged Roses / "Stab" / Plaid Coat / Ringing Dark & True / County Orange / Tearbox / Ink and Grief / God's House > Cold Bed / Drop the Charges

The Gourds
17th Annual Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival
Skunk Farm
4063 Jordan Road
Greer, SC

Early Set (5:35p)

01. I Come Up
02. Tomb of Nefertari >
03. Lament
04. Darlin' Cory (trad.)
05. Big Santiago Bust
06. Pickles
07. Rugged Roses
08. Dooley (trad.)
09. Everybody's Missing the Sun (Nils Lofgren)
10. "Stab"
11. Plaid Coat
12. Ringing Dark & True
13. County Orange

Late Set (10:40p)

01. You Must Not Know
02. Peppermint City
03. Marginalized
04. Haunted
05. Tearbox
06. Ink and Grief
07. God's House
08. Cold Bed *
09. Drop the Charges
10. Jenny Brown
11. Shake the Chandelier
12. Stuck in the Middle with You tease (Gerry Rafferty/Joe Egan) > Your Benefit
13. Jesus Christ with Signs Following
14. Burn the Honeysuckle > Black Water tease (Patrick Simmons) > Burn the Honeysuckle
15. Maria
16. Michoacan (Doug Sahm)
17. All the Labor
18. Gin and Juice (Calvin Broadus, et al.) > Theme from the Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys) (Waylon Jennings) > Slow Ride (David Peverett) > Surrender (Rick Nielsen) > Gin and Juice
19. Layin Around the House
20. Collections

*Hard Rain version

© Rhonda Peterson & © Karma D. Albino Skunk

Special thanks to Cassandra Ladino, Rhonda Peterson, Gina Owens Kent, Katie Barton, Christine & Todd Cliatt, and Karma D. Albino Skunk for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.


  1. Missed Rugged Roses again - damn!


  2. 'twas a glorious day to be Gourds fan!!! Closed it out with a real nice version of "Collection" followed by a nice hug between Kev and Jimmy at the end. You could feel the love in the air all day and night...

  3. That second set had a bunch more songs. Haunted, Peppermint City, You Must Not Know, Marginalized, I think. Once I can think clearer I'll update you. I've got a copy of the set list, but that's not really what they actually played. Twas Gourd-tastic.

    Karma D.

  4. hmmmm...I think maybe one of the texts from the show didn't come through and I only posted part of the show. didn't realize it until your post, though, so thanks. looking forward to your revisions...

  5. okay. I've got the LATE SET closer to what it probably was, if not right on the money...but I still want to check it against what the skunkfest video guy has on tape...if he shot the late set. not even sure. anybody?