Countdown To Joy: 10 to 1 With Myster Chromatic

Editor's Note: The following series of quotes from Claude Bernard were posted on TGN's facebook page for each of the last 10 days leading up to the official release of Old Mad Joy...

10. "Larry [Campbell] said we reminded him of 'Moby Grape', who he had seen live about 25 times...said they were one of his favorites. Baby Gramps said the same thing to us about 12 years prior."

09. "There was a ping-pong table in Bob Clearmountain's garage that we didn't discover until the second week of recording. Mark [Creaney], who's good at almost everything BUT ping-pong, got his ass brutally handed to him many times by me. Then, miraculously, he started getting better and we had to stop playing... well, 'cuz we had to go home, see?!!"

08. "Old Mad Joy was very nearly titled Woodstockings. Or Stinky Twink. Or Bloobs."

07. "Our relationship with Larry and Levon [Helm] and everyone else at the studio was almost destroyed before it began as we nearly ran over Levon's dog, Muddy, pulling up to the barn for the first time."

06. "One day, Larry was looking at his Macbook and started giggling because he had gotten separate emails from Elvis Costello and Phil Lesh saying that they had terrible situations come up and desperately needed him to wire them $3,000. Elvis' email concluded with a heartfelt 'yours faithfully, Declan'."

05. "Generally, you'd want to start drinking when you walked into the studio at 11 am to help loosen up for the recording process, but we all followed Jimmy's rule of 'Threesies'. No beer until 3 in the afternoon. He is, after all, a professional."

04. "Larry Campbell calls me 'Myster Chromatic'."

03. "There was this guy? John Sebastian I think was his name? I played that guy's pump organ on Two Sparrows. Not that anybody gives two sparrows about important things like that....SHEESH!"

02. "Kev briefly toyed with the notion of naming track #11: Eyes of a Child (It's what's for dinner). Larry thought it was too 'edgy', so we dropped the subtitle. No, actually that never happened."

01. "There was a store called Photosensualis that we passed everyday on the short drive over to the barn. I always wondered what was going on in there. Okay. Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen! Here it comes!"

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  1. Having the new album in hand is fantastic, and I wouldn't trade that joy for anything. But the loss of Claude's daily quotes is not insignificant.