9-14-11 Santa Cruz, CA

en route to Santa Cruz © thenotoriousmark

The Gourds
Moe's Alley
1535 Commercial Way
Santa Cruz, CA

01. Drop the Charges
02. Gangsta Lean
03. Web Before You Walk into It
04. You Must Not Know
05. Bridgett
06. Ink and Grief
07. Peppermint City
08. Mister Betty
09. Marginalized *
10. Haunted
11. Everybody's Missing the Sun (Nils Lofgren)
12. Two Sparrows
13. Pill Bug Blues
14. Pickles
15. I Want it So Bad
16. Lower 48 **
17. Your Benefit
18. The Tinys Variety Hour (Claude Bernard/Matt Cook/Travis Garaffa)
19. My Name is Jorge
20. Yoli Found a Possum
21. All in the Pack

*1st time played live; 11th song played from the new album
**Richmond Ditch version

Special thanks to thenotoriousmark and Inverse Skull for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.


  1. I may have been drinking a wee bit, but I know I didn't halucinate Shamrock Bound. Could have been first encore tune along with a Jimmy Dale Gilmore reference. Who knows, maybe I was halucinating. Wouldn't be the first time

  2. I was there...I asked Kevin to play that. it was about an hour and fifteen mins into the set and he made a Jimmy Dale Gilmore reference when I yelled out "thank you" for the song.

  3. hmmmmmm. okay. let me figure out where it happened so I can add it to the set. thanks, guys.