8-20-11 Austin, TX

© Grahame Jones

The Gourds
Nutty Brown Cafe & Amphitheatre
12225 Highway 290 West
Austin, TX

01. Fortunate Son (John Fogerty) * > Lonesome On'ry and Mean (Steve Young)
02. I Want it So Bad
03. Trampled by the Sun
04. Mister Betty
05. Bottle & a Dime
06. Pill Bug Blues
07. Pair of Goats
08. Shreveport ** > Midnight Special (trad.) > Shreveport
09. Hands on the Wheel (Bill Callery) *** > Hallelujah Shine
10. All the Labor
11. Blood of the Ram
12. Declineometer
13. Escalade
14. Caledonia
15. How Will U Shine
16. Drop What I'm Doing
17. Shake the Chandelier

*The band played along with a country picking version of this tune as it came over the PA system & then continued playing it by themselves for a couple of minutes after the soundman stopped the cd
**Kev on mandolin instead of electric guitar
***For Francis Leo "Hank" McNamara, Jr. (1934-2011)

Soundcheck: You Must Not Know, Cracklins

© Grahame Jones

Special thanks to Ducktaper, Tomski, and Grahame Jones for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.

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