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Summer Sounds series to wrap up Friday night
By Heather Pilkington
Gainesville Daily Register
July 27, 2011

Gainesville — The final of three concerts for the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Summer Sounds concert series is set for this Friday with not one, but two headlining bands with an entirely different sound from past events.

Friday’s concert will feature three bands. The music will kick off at 6 p.m., with local band The Slidewinders opening for Two Tons of Steel and The Gourds.

“These bands are totally different from any other band that we have had, especially The Gourds,” organizer Laura Otts said.

Otts is a fan of the two headlining bands.

“I used to go see them quite a bit,” Otts said. “I fell in love with their sound. They are awesome.”

For this show, different was the key in booking the bands.

“We wanted to choose something different for this show,” Otts said. “We had the classic rock for the first show with Petty Theft, then the Texas country traditionalist with Gary P Nunn. So for this, we wanted a completely different sound with this show. And we are definitely going to get that with The Gourds.”

For Otts, the Gourds cannot be placed into any one category.

“They are very much nonconformist,” she said. “I would say they play roots music while pushing the envelope of roots music. Their lyrics are incredible. They are very good songwriters. And, their live show is something that everybody should see.”

The Gourds will be ready to take the stage around 9 p.m., following the performance by Two Tons of Steel.

According to Otts, both bands are different, but similar in that neither really fit into a specific genre.

The band uses a number of different instruments including a fiddle, banjo, mandolin and an accordion, on top of traditional instruments such as bass, guitar and drums.

The band can be defined as a mixture of rock and roll and country music.

“They have some of that rockabilly sound taking their influences from Elvis Presley and Ramones,” she said. “(It makes) them hard to place into any one category.”

According to the band’s website, they are a “classic countrified version of the Ramones.” And they cover songs such as the Ramones’ hit “I Wanna Be Sedated.”

Bring a lawn chair for free admission and a family-friendly entertainment.

Concession sales will begin at 5 p.m. with a variety of items such as hot dogs, soft drinks, water and candy, while the south side of the concession will serve beer and margaritas.

The concert will be held on the southwest corner of the courthouse square.

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