Review 3-18-11 Austin, TX [SXSW]

Editor's note: The following paragraph was taken from a more complete review of the Vanguard/Sugarhill Records Official SXSW Day Party. Click here to read the rest of that article.

We hoofed it back to the Belmont in time to encounter the Gourds unloading their equipment in crowded W. Sixth St. and hung backstage with Max Johnston's wife and children while the band did the mandatory schmoozing that goes with being signed to a new label. Once technical issues were worked out with the banjo and accordion (why is it always the banjo and accordion that bolloxes a sound check?), the Belmont filled to beyond capacity.

The Gourds then proceeded to give a lesson in Texas music to the assembled throng, breaking hard into a hectic cover of Chuck Berry's "Promised Land" that hushed even the backstage hangers-on. They proceeded to wail on some steroidal Tex-grass that has more spunk, muscle, and soul than the Mumford or Avett's passenger train can haul. There, we said it. Sorry. Not.

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