Preview 3-09-11 Austin, TX

L to R: Don LaSala, Jimmy Smith, Claude Bernard,
and Swampy Pat in the basement

Editor's note: The following paragraph was taken from a more complete preview of The Austin Chronicle Music Anthology book release party. Click here to read the rest of that article.

With the assistance of a smartphone, the Gourds routed their 2008 [sic] East Coast tour to visit the Big Pink, Bob Dylan's New York hideout for The Basement Tapes and the inspiration behind the Band's Music From Big Pink. Later this month, the locals take up residence at Levon Helm's barn studio in Woodstock, N.Y., to record a debut for Vanguard Records, produced by longtime Dylan sideman Larry Campbell. "It does seem like a calling, to be up there in the vicinity of all this good music we have in common," says co-leader Jimmy Smith. "This is probably the most attention we're ever going to get."

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  1. the time stamp is correct on the photos. they stopped at big pink on their way up to a show in burlington, vermont, that night (at higher ground). kev & keith were traveling in a separate vehicle and didn't stop.