Alert...Alert...New Shows!

it's all done with smoke & flowers...

08-14-10 Austin, TX Nutty Brown Cafe
08-27-10 Livingston, MT The Mint Bar
08-28-10 Billings, MT
Babcock Theatre [Buy Tix]
08-29-10 Missoula, MT
River City Roots Festival FREE SHOW!
09-02-10 Conroe, TX
Heritage Place Amphitheater FREE SHOW!
09-03-10 Austin, TX
Threadgill's South [Buy Tix]
09-05-10 Bryan, TX
Texas World Speedway / Ziegfest 3pm [Buy Tix]
09-10-10 Fort Worth, TX
Jazz By The Boulevard Music & Arts Festival
09-17-10 Falls Church, VA
The State Theatre [Buy Tix]
09-18-10 Scotch Plains, NJ Private Event (Shinyribs opens)
09-19-10 New York, NY Sullivan Hall (Shinyribs opens) [Buy Tix] *

09-20-10 Philadelphia, PA North Star Bar (Shinyribs opens) [Buy Tix] *
09-22-10 Asheville, NC The Grey Eagle [Buy Tix] *
09-23-10 Greenville, SC The Handlebar [Buy Tix] *
09-24-10 Atlanta, GA Smith's Olde Bar [Buy Tix] *

09-25-10 Palmetto, GA Private Event
09-26-10 Columbus, GA
The Loft *
09-30-10 Austin, TX
Shady Grove - Unplugged at the Grove
10-01-10 Texarkana, AR
29th Annual Quadrangle Festival (with Ray Wylie Hubbard)
10-08-10 Marfa, TX
Padre's Marfa *
10-09-10 Alpine, TX Private Event
10-16-10 Austin, TX Private Event
11-05-10 Brooksville, FL
Riverhawk Music Festival [Buy Tix]
11-13-10 Shreveport, LA
7th Annual Highland Jazz & Blues Festival FREE SHOW!
02-26-11 Boykin, SC Private Event

*Indicates a new show that was not listed on the
previous New Tour Date post

Please note that some dates get cancelled or rescheduled for a variety of reasons. This itinerary reflects the most up to date information available. Private events do not appear on The Gourds official website


  1. Well, it ain't Brooklyn but I'll take that NYC date!

    It'll be great to see The Gourds back in the Big Apple.


  2. 16+ months away from nyc. sure hope they get an eager crowd and burn it down. see you there, peter.


  3. YEAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Gourds NYC, not much better!!!! May have to trek down to Philly too!!!! Sweet Nutty!!!! Dave

  4. I hope so too. Sunday is a tough day of the week but I will be twisting a lot of friend's arms, bribing and cajoling to help turnout...