8-28-10 Billings, MT

© Rhonda Peterson

Photos: by Rhonda Peterson / by Ian Glazer / by Amber Wagner / by John West

The Gourds
Babcock Theater
2812 Second Avenue North
Billings, MT

01. All the Way to Jericho > Surfin' Safari tease (Brian Wilson/Mike Love) > All the Way to Jericho
02. Country Love
03. Right in the Head
04. Bridgett
05. Arapaho
06. Web Before You Walk into It
07. When Wine Was Cheap
08. Caledonia
09. Magnolia
10. El Paso > Hey Jude tease (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) > El Paso
11. Surfer Girl (Brian Wilson)
12. Illegal Oyster
13. County Orange
14. Raining in Port Arthur
15. Pick and Roll
16. Fine Leather Truck
17. Pill Bug Blues
18. Mister Betty
19. The Tinys Variety Hour (Claude Bernard/Matt Cook/Travis Garaffa) *
20. Hooky Junk
21. Pushed Her Down
22. Lower 48 **
23. All in the Pack > You Really Got Me (Ray Davies) > I Fought the Law (Sonny Curtis) > All in the Pack
24. Gin and Juice (Calvin Broadus, et al.) > Legalize It (Peter Tosh) > I Saw the Light (Hank Williams) > Waiting in Vain (Bob Marley) > Born in the U.S.A. (Bruce Springsteen) > Holidays in the Sun (Steve Jones/Paul Cook/Johnny Rotten/Sid Vicious) > Whipping Post (Gregg Allman)

*Without Max or Kevin
Richmond Ditch version

© Amber Wagner

Note: The band did not work from a set list during this performance

Special thanks to Ian Glazer, Rhonda Peterson, Amber Wagner, and John West for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.


  1. TGN, Why are The Gourds on the floor during this performance? I kind of have to know...

  2. that's a good question. I wasn't there, but I can ask around. probably just having too much fun.