7-13-10 Seattle, WA

© folkoasis

Photos: by Rick Crelia / by Sean Doyle

The Gourds
Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Avenue NW
Seattle, WA

01. Right in the Head
02. Mister Betty
03. All the Way to Jericho
04. Web Before You Walk into It
05. When Wine Was Cheap
06. Blanket Show
07. El Paso
08. Lament
09. Big Santiago Bust
10. Pick and Roll
11. Grave on the Green Hillside
12. Lower 48
13. At the Crossroads (Doug Sahm)
14. The Gyroscopic
15. New Dues
16. Blood of the Ram
17. Honduras
18. Plaid Coat
19. Burn the Honeysuckle
20. All in the Pack > It Takes a Worried Man (trad.) * > All in the Pack

© Sean Doyle

*After the Devo song from Neil Young's movie
Human Highway (1982) (J. Smith, personal communication, July 19, 2010). The Devo track appears to be based on the folk song Worried Man Blues

Note: The band did not work from a set list during this performance

© John Mollman

Special thanks to John Mollman, Rick Crelia, folkoasis, Annie & Sean Doyle, Greg Wood, and Derek Smith for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.


  1. Well that was fun! Good crowd for a Tuesday and we were well rewarded. StanO couldn't make it, so I think no recording.

  2. It was a fantastic show indeed, and Jimmy, in particular, was the happiest I think i have ever seen him. Just a great night...And not mentioned on the set list was this wonderful older lady (who I have seen before at the Tractor shows) who stood in front of Jimmy for the last 1/2 hour of the show, constantly bearing her breasts and shaking her booty. Claude appreciated it too, though she was a bit of a train wreck, to say the least. Thanks for a great night boys and safe travels the rest of the way. See you in MT in August!

  3. Have seen them a ton, that was one of the best Gourds' shows among the bunch.

  4. Jimmy definitely launched into Devo's "Worried Man" in the middle of All in the Pack. Wonderful surprise.

  5. yes, this particular set may be missing some details...so thanks for the devo. do you recall if it came before or after I fought the law?

  6. I actually do not recall Jimmy singing "I Fought the Law" at all during this version of "All in the Pack", nor does my significant other, for what it's worth. If he did, however, it was before "Worried Man."

  7. thanks for the feedback. the guy who sent me the original set list didn't have "all in the pack", but he also missed a couple other tunes so I just assumed it was there. you & your significant other confirming that it wasn't played is more than enough for me, though. thanks again.

  8. I am a huge Neil Young fan, familiar with Human Highway, and was stunned to hear "Worried Man." Jimmy was at a zenith all evening and this took him even higher.