5-07-10 Durango, CO

"GROUDS" (Lft) were cut off before they could get to a fan's written request (Rt)

Photos: by Jk Ron

The Gourds
The Henry Strater Theatre
699 Main Avenue
Durango, CO

Set I

01. El Paso
02. Magnolia
03. Caledonia
04. Plaid Coat
05. I'm Troubled (trad.)
06. Tearbox
07. Hooky Junk
08. Jesus Christ with Signs Following
09. Illegal Oyster
10. Flavor on yer Tung
11. Steeple Full of Swallows
12. Hey Thurman
13. Blanket Show
14. Mister Betty *

Set II

15. How Will U Shine
16. Pill Bug Blues
17. New Dues
18. Luddite Juice
19. Bridgett
20. Shreveport
21. Tex-Mex Mile
22. My Name is Jorge
23. Honduras
24. Pine Island Bayou
25. All in the Pack **
26. Gin and Juice (Calvin Broadus, et al.) > Cupid (Sam Cooke) > Slow Ride (Dave Peverett) > Gin and Juice

*Original set list had How Will U Shine after Mister Betty to close the first set
**Original set list had "Max [song]" and Burn the Honeysuckle b/t All in the Pack and Gin and Juice

Note: Due to time constraints, there was no encore. The band had intended to play Lower 48, per fan request (K. Russell, personal communication, May 8, 2010)

Special thanks to Jk Ron and Jon Huerta for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.


  1. the gourds shut durango down

  2. The Gourds ripped it up last night, as always!

  3. saw the Gourds last night. Out too late for an old man!! but an awesome band.

  4. gourds rock!!wish i was there..cant wait to see them live