SXSW Preview: One Question with The Gourds

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TheGourdsNews: So, are you looking forward to SXSW?

Max Johnston: Oh, yes. I love SXSW. Parking, playing for free AND being broke. Too bad I scheduled that week long colonoscopy or I'd be right there in the thick of it. That and the pile of frozen cheeseburgers I'd promised to eat by Sunday.

Claude Bernard: I never look forward to it but I always have a good time during ol' Souf By. For the last several years I've been oblivious to the schedule of bands playing and usually just find myself drunk somewhere in the middle of the day vomiting up free beers mid-conversation. Then you end up walking about 5 miles in a misguided zig-zag search for more mayhem. I might pause briefly to do my business in your lawn before passing out at a bus stop weeping. Tears but joy. One thing I cain't stands no more is the compromising of my beloved St. Paddy's Day. I don't care how many badges you have, if you're not wearing green you're gonna get pinched. Dude, seriously.

Jimmy Smith: i'll just give you the truth because its the easiest thing to remember. i'm more annoyed by the people bitching about it than i am about the festival itself. i can make a g d breakfast taco my own damn self so they can have the tamale house. they have come to rock our fucking socks off, so always as it should be "may the trousers be tight".

Kevin Russell: I am looking forward to it. We always play a show or two during the week, which can be fun. I am not much into the party scene, but I do love playing the shows. The audiences are varied and pretty enthused about experiencing live music. Good things can happen, however small they might seem. The conference itself I am not interested in at all. The parties are the most interesting part of it all. If they stopped having the conference I think people would still show up each year and party without even knowing why. Inertia can be foolish or divine.

Keith Langford: Well caca it's here today. That means a short response so I can start the HUSTLE to get to our shows. I wish I had more gumption to see some other acts, but I'll be worn out like a candy wrapper after throwing drumkits through dirty alleys. We'll get into the van today (not our own cars) mind you; like we're on tour. On tour, within our own city. Hi! wife and family as I wave out the window. Let the mayhem begin, bring it on!

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