2-12-10 Bend, OR

Audio: by Ray Y.
Video: Grievin’ & Smokin’ > Promised Land > Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone > Grievin’ & Smokin’ / Blankets / Kicks in the Sun
Photos: by Rob Kerr

The Gourds
11th Annual Bend WinterFest
Old Mill District
Main Stage (near Les Schwab Amphitheater)
Bend, OR

01. (the new way of) Grievin’ & Smokin’ > Promised Land (Chuck Berry) > Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone (Glenn Martin/Dave Kirby) > Grievin’ & Smokin’
02. Amazing Grace (John Newton) > Hallelujah Shine
03. Kicks in the Sun
04. Trampled by the Sun
05. Gansta Lean
06. LGO
07. Country Gal > Fat Bottomed Girls (Brian May)
08. Spanky
09. Old Man from the Mountain (Merle Haggard)
10. Blankets
11. Right in the Head
12. Mister Betty
13. Burn the Honeysuckle
14. Pine Island Bayou
15. Plaid Coat
16. Gin and Juice (Calvin Broadus, et al.)

Soundcheck: Receipts and Fevers, Hellhounds

© Adam Russell

Special thanks to Ray Y., Rhonda Peterson, Adam Russell, Ben Salmon, and phurther for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.


  1. They played outside facing a HUGE (7 stories high) man made ramp covered in snow, and a ski jump. with skiers doing flips and spins the entire time. They played a great show. I wonder what the band thought of the scene, and playing while watching a ski jump.

  2. didn't realize they were looking right at the ski jump during the show. I did ask kevin today why he says "that is fucking surreal" at the beginning of the video. he said, b/c "the announcer at the ski ramp [was] telling people to bark like a dog". which, I guess, was kind of odd to hear while singing amazing grace.