I Fly Like Paper Get High Like Planes: One Question with J. Smith

TheGourdsNews: A few months ago, I asked Kevin to talk about the first concert he ever attended...what do you remember about yours?

Jimmy Smith: johnny denver and sweet rita coolidge. went with my parents and older sis. i was a lad of 5 and it bored me. rita may have looked good, but she didn't have the rondstadt pipes. best part of the show was its conclusion when thousands of paper airplanes were launched toward the Country Boy. that was my bag @5-paper airplanes-still dig it. made it down to the dance floor and picked up a mess of them, looking at the different designs. haunted by denver's earnest tenor. i think the show was at the bronco bowl where i would later see the go-gos and red kross with my older sis...yeah-go-go's. again, belinda looked good, still no linda. i also remember a lot of fucking gum on the ground. wrigley's.

Special thanks to Joe Ryan for contributing to this piece.


  1. heh, the bronco bowl. i worked a concert there
    for the burgeoning big D hipster rag "detour".
    it was "the cult" during their "electric" tour.
    great show. atsbury was cool enuff to chat wif, cept when he wanted to do his "native american" rant. "so how many of my brothers and sisters are out there?"...
    he got nutt'n. cept some mexicans giggling.
    i thought "bowl" meant stadium. imagine my surprise to find out it was actually a bowling alley.
    ian was no linda, but he had pipes... and a septum

  2. annette's got the hits -- posh boy punk compilation redd kross


  3. maybe JD should've studied those paper airplane designs a little closer himself