12-31-09 Austin, TX

New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball 2009
501 Interstate 35
Austin, TX

Introduction by Thax Douglas

Set I

01. Country Love
02. Do 4 U *
03. New Dues
04. Luddite Juice
05. Jesus Christ with Signs Following **
06. Shreveport
07. Yoli Found a Possum
08. I Come Up >
09. All the Labor
10. Everybody’s Missing the Sun (Nils Lofgren)
11. Ants on the Melon
12. "Stab"
13. Ringing Dark & True
14. What Goes On (John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Richard Starkey) ***
15. My Name is Jorge
16. Ceiling's Leaking
17. Best of Me
18. Long Gone Like a Turkey thru the Corn (Lightnin' Hopkins) > The End tease (Jim Morrison/Robby Krieger/Ray Manzarek/John Densmore) > Long Gone Like a Turkey thru the Corn ****

Set II

19. Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns) *****
20. High Highs and Low Lows
21. Blanket Show
22. Tex-Mex Mile
23. Nuevo Laredo (Doug Sahm) ******
24. Bean Bowl >
25. My Time Your Time >
26. Son of Bum
27. Cranky Mulatto
28. Hooky Junk
29. All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down) (Hank Williams Jr.)
30. Mind Games (John Lennon)
31. County Orange
32. Hey Thurman
33. Amarillo Highway (for Dave Hickey) (Terry Allen)
34. S.F. Sorrow is Born (Phil May/Dick Taylor/Wally Waller)
35. Plaid Coat
36. Wild Night (Van Morrison)
37. Instant Karma! (John Lennon)

*Portland version
**Original set list had Red Letter Day
***Keith on lead vocals
****Original set list had Burn the Honeysuckle
*****Not on original set list
******Original set list had Lower 48

© Amber Wagner

Special thanks to Tomski, Jennifer Cassaday, Amber Wagner, Ducktaper, Alison Goodson, and Joe Ryan for the field reports. If anyone has audio/video/photos from this show, please email TheGourdsNews.

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