Singing From The Throat: One Question with C. Bernard

TheGourdsNews: Your move to the piano in August of 2006 certainly opened things up for the band, but I wonder if you've ever considered the down side...the risks?

Claude Bernard: I saw this video a while back and it gave me pause to reflect: is it worth it? The answer is "certainly not". It's actually happened to me more than a few times. Usually it's Jimmy [Smith] tripping backwards over my accordion and next thing I know, the whole audience is cackling with laughter. We worked it into the show for a while, but Kev [Russell] said it would prevent people from taking us seriously, so we bagged it. I sometimes wonder if we might have hit the big time a couple years earlier if we'd just kept up with it.

Note: Kevin responds in the comments section.


  1. Why didn't the lady pull it out by the cord? Obviously no one there had first responder training.

  2. Somebody calls him "Ziggy" at the very beginning, but I'm pretty sure that's Mike Stewart.

  3. I heard Claude eats barbed wire and shits nails. Can you confirm this?

    Marty Cline

  4. that's probably my next interview.


  5. I laughed so hard I almost inhaled my electric toothbrush

    catarina sigerfoos

  6. I never said it had anything to do with being taken seriously. Not sure if you've caught my act recently, but...No I my reasoning behind the controversial policy decision was based on data culled from the field work of Prof. Sturmbearcatjim of the Jack Tatum Universal College Of Esophageal Absorption. Based on his findings it is within reasonable doubt to believe that the oral injection of a standard live stage production microphone is without the possible bacteria, Tularemia. Sturmbearcatjim writes in his Tularemia paper published in The Journal Of Jesus Christ With Science Following;
    "Nearly all cases of Tularemia occur in rural areas and are associated with the bites of infected ticks, mosquitoes and biting flies or with the handling of infected rodents, rabbits or hares. Less commonly, tularemia can be contracted through the ingestion of contaminated food, water or the surpsise inhalation of of microphones during performance."
    I hope this clears up the question as to why I had to step in when I saw the soundcheck experiments of Mr. Smith and Mr. Bernard. This is about health and safety first.