And The Peeper's Peekin': One Question with J. Smith

Google street maps catches Jimmy Gourd on his porch

TheGourdsNews: I've always known you to be a fairly private person who doesn't really like modern I can't help but wonder if you had any thoughts on the recent invasion by Google that led directly to your capture?

Jimmy Smith: that's the cover for my new solo disc- shadoomp pahhhss. sleepy austin town is just the place for a street shootin' maeeen yeah- bap bap tisssssh. so, i was knocked out to do the google shoot, i hope it makes the calender-fuda darummph teeeng, all day i felt like i was in a schwartzenegger movie, then keith called and ruined it -crack thump p p. scroll to the left and you'll see the kids pouring gas into their super soakers- kuda dulunk dudulunk purng. we buy ugly dudes- bongngngng. no man, white t shirt means i'm out. bo bap bo bap bo bap kap ka dooooj. who are the people in your niegboorhood, in your nieghboorhood, in your nieghborhood-g double e. no, hey, come on in i was just about to take a dump... ra tit tat beeyioozzz. can i hit it and quit.

Special thanks to Joe Ryan for contributing to this piece.


  1. There are just so many aspects of that article to think about.

    Alison Goodson

  2. jimmy "word smithier than thou"- shadoobie

    Alex Ludovici

  3. cor lord buckley meets charlie manson bebop roopscoop diction and they have 7.3 tecates...


  4. yer lawn needs work