Vintage Gourds: 6-01-97 Dallas, TX

Okay, so here's how it all went down. A little over 12 years ago, The Gourds played a gig at an all-day event in Dallas called Barley-Palooza. The show was captured on video from two angles by a guy named Jeff, who lives in Washington. A separate audio recording was also made by a guy named Stan, who lives in Idaho. A couple of months ago, Jeff went looking for someone to put the whole thing together and found Joe in California. So, in a variation of the West Coast Effect, Washington, Idaho, and California have combined to bring back a truly unusual Gourds performance....the old-timey, 4-piece version with original Welsh drummer, Charlie Llewellin, and without multi-instrumentalist Max Johnston, who hadn't yet joined the band. The complete show can be viewed here for free:

The Gourds
3rd Annual Barley Palooza Concert
Barley House
2916 North Henderson Avenue
Dallas, TX

01. Old Man from the Mountain (Merle Haggard)
02. LGO
03. Piss & Moan Blues
04. Coppermine
05. Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother (Ray Wylie Hubbard)
06. Caledonia
07. At The Crossroads (Doug Sahm)
08. Gravity Talks (Dan Stuart/Chris Cacavas) >
09. Wildwood Flower (prev. "I'll Twine 'Mid the Ringlets" by Maud Irving/Joseph Philbrick Webster)
10. I Come Up >
11. All The Labor
12. I'm Troubled (trad.)
13. If I Should Fall from Grace with God (Shane Macgowan)
14. Gin and Juice (Calvin Broadus, et. al) > Daytime Friends (Ben Joseph Peters) > Heroin (Lou Reed) > Gin and Juice

Special thanks to Jeff, Stan, and Joe for not allowing this show to fade away like so many others.


  1. well, damn! that was worth waiting for all night! indeed.

    heading over to that linky for the full dose tomorrow. kudos to all involved.

  2. Thanks for posting that! I was at that show and it may have been the second time I ever saw them play.