Yer Country Loving Is So Sweet: One Question with K. Russell

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TheGourdsNews: The Americana Music Association (AMA) recently nominated Country Love for Song of the Year, and The Gourds will be playing it live at the AMA Honors & Awards show in Nashville next week. Jeff Arscott, a fan from Hillsborough, North Carolina writes, "I would love to hear Kev's thoughts on participating in the AMA, being as he is no fan of the Nashville gestalt".

Kevin Russell: It is nice to be recognized for something like this by somebody. The Americana Music Association is hardly part of the Nashville enterprise racket. It is my understanding that they operate in official protest to the occupational forces that comprise the illicit scheme known as "Nashville." It is, to a lesser extent, not unlike Tibet unto China. I think most people who are serious lovers and creators of American music would agree, country music was at some point hijacked by infidels and robots. Songs now are basically meaningless and disposable to the mainstream. Not unlike every other roots music genre that has been watered down and dressed up pretty like a whore on Saturday night, country music has become unbelievable. It is the difference between Willie Mays and Billy Mays. Of course there has always been a need for songs that help us escape reality and have a good time. And I have my share of these types of songs. "Country Love" is exactly this kind of song. It is literally about escaping the city for the country, the homestead for the wild places, the grind for the grin. And maybe in some way it could be construed to be a call for a return to the fundamentals of American Country/Folk music. The AMA seems to be a good faith attempt to support and promote this music where ever it exists around the USA and maybe the world. I am looking forward to meeting some of those folks and saying "Thanks" for playing the song.

Special thanks to Jeff Arscott for the question. Other readers who have a question for any member of The Gourds can email TheGourdsNews.

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