The Lost Welshman: One Question with K. Langford

© Joe Ryan

TheGourdsNews: In the comments section below yesterday's Charlie Llewellin interview, Kevin wrote: "Keith was a fan of The Gourds with Charlie and was a bit dismayed when we called him about replacing him". I've never actually heard that before. Could you tell me what it was about him that drew you in?

Keith Langford: Well, anyone that was rubbing shoulders with me circa '96/97 at the Electric Lounge knows why Charlie holds such a special place in Gourd lore. Nobody frolics on-stage with a tambourine, maracas or even empty handed like Charlie did. It had something to do with him being a Welshman. You combine that background with the others--East Texas, Dallas, Shreveport--and it made for a weird, unique harmony. It was like he was playing a bodhran except it was a drumkit. He played lefty on a righty kit, counting and contorting his face like a cartoon gargoyle. It could get pretty magical after a few pints over there. To me, he'll kinda always be The Gourds drummer, even though my bones are wore down with a lot more mileage. Really, a good drummer is someone who magnifies the things the other musicians are concocting, and that's exactly what Charlie did.

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