Alert...Alert...New Shows!

Pulling an all-nighter to get the dates set

08-07-09 Denver, CO Soiled Dove Underground *
08-08-09 Breckenridge, CO
Grand Street Party @ Ridge & Washington Streets *
08-09-09 Aspen, CO
Belly Up Aspen
08-22-09 Austin, TX
5th Annual Austin Bat Fest @ Congress Avenue Bridge *
08-29-09 Dallas, TX
Granada Theater *
09-04-09 Austin, TX
Threadgill's *
09-13-09 Austin, TX
Lakeway Resort & Spa *
09-15-09 Denton, TX
Dan's Silverleaf
09-16-09 Memphis, TN
Hi-Tone Cafe
09-17-09 Nashville, TN
AMA Awards Show @ Ryman Auditorium
09-18-09 Little Rock, AR
Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom
09-27-09 Austin, TX
Cedar Street Courtyard - Summer Social
10-09-09 Atlanta, GA
The Variety Playhouse
10-10-09 Asheville, NC
Grey Eagle Tavern
10-11-09 Silk Hope, NC
Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival
10-14-09 Charlotte, NC
Visulite Theatre
10-16-09 Morristown, TN
Rose Center and Council for the Arts
10-17-09 Greer, SC
The Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival *
11-07-09 Houston, TX
Miller Outdoor Theatre with The Fabulous Thunderbirds
11-21-09 Luckenbach, TX
Luckenbach Dance Hall
12-15-09 Austin, TX
Armadillo Christmas Bazaar @ Austin Convention Center
01-23-10 Houston, TX Private Event
04-16-10 Austin, TX Private Event

*Indicates a show that is already listed on The Gourds official website

Please note that some dates get cancelled or rescheduled for a variety of reasons. This itinerary reflects the most up to date information available. Private events do not appear on The Gourds official website calendar.


  1. Who do I need to bribe to get The Gourds to play the Northeast in general and Woodstock in particular? I'm dead serious. Post instructions.

  2. speaking as a northeasterner, I wish I knew. they seem like a natural fit up there, but for whatever reason it just hasn't happened yet. they did make it to albany last year, so who knows. perhaps one day they'll play the bearsville theatre or the mountain jam

    bearsville theatre:
    mountain jam:

    personally, I can't figure out why they haven't played princeton, nj, yet...home of the gourds news, yes, but there's so much more: (1) a major university brimming with unwashed and well-read students, (2) a kick-ass record store, and (3) a great college radio station...what else do ya need? well, maybe a half-way decent bar, but let's not allow that to get in the way. they can always play mccarter theatre.

    princeton record exchange:
    mccarter theatre:

  3. Being the home of TGN should be justification enough for an area visit but just in case it isn't there is a bribe in the mail.

    We shall see...

  4. We saw you guys in Teton Village while we were there on vacation, and had a great time! Do you ever make it to Arizona? We'd love to see you over here!

  5. hi laura,

    just to clarify, I am not part of the gourds official rock & roll machine. I'm just an old friend of theirs who used to live in austin...and nowadays I like to spend some of my free time running The Gourds News. in answer to your question, though, YES, they do play in arizona (tempe and/or tuscon, from what I remember...maybe other places, as well). the best way to find out where & when is to visit their booking agent's website, where you'll find a question box at the bottom of the page

    take care,


    p.s. if you know anybody who took pictures of the gourds at the teton villiage show, please ask them to email me at thanks.