10-Q For The Songs: The Gourds 1st Quarterly Report (with cover songs now included)

Albert Einstein apparently had a sign hanging in his office that read, "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts". Be that as it may, TGN could not resist the temptation to quantify what The Gourds have offered us from the stage since we began keeping track on May 28, 2009.

Finding it impossible to make a reliable distinction between complete versions of cover songs and "teases", TGN initially decided to consider only original songs from The Gourds' nine studio albums (i.e., the 9-07-09 version of this post). After a recent fan request, however, cover songs have now been included, albeit without a corresponding graph.

Songs Played Live This Quarter That Are On The Gourds' Studio Albums (N = 454) Here, the total number of times a song was played during the 1st quarter is followed by the song title and The Gourds album on which the song appears. For example, the song Country Love from the album Haymaker was palyed 23 times this quarter:

23 = Country Love / Haymaker
22 = Red Letter Day / Noble Creatures
19 = Burn the Honeysuckle / Heavy Ornamentals
16 = All in the Pack / Noble Creatures
16 = Luddite Juice / Haymaker
15 = Blanket Show / Haymaker
15 = Lower 48 / Blood of the Ram
14 = New Dues / Haymaker
12 = Mister Betty / Heavy Ornamentals
12 = Pill Bug Blues / Heavy Ornamentals
12 = “Stab” / Heavy Ornamentals
11 = Tex-Mex Mile / Haymaker
10 = Blankets / Cow Fish Fowl or Pig
09 = My Name is Jorge / Cow Fish Fowl or Pig
09 = Pine Island Bayou / Stadium Blitzer
08 = All the Way to Jericho / Haymaker
08 = El Paso / Bolsa de Agua
08 = God’s House / Stadium Blitzer
08 = How Will U Shine / Noble Creatures
08 = Plaid Coat / Stadium Blitzer
08 = Right in the Head / Cow Fish Fowl or Pig
08 = The Gyroscopic / Noble Creatures
07 = Do 4 U / Blood of the Ram
07 = Shreveport / Haymaker
07 = Hey Thurman / Haymaker
07 = TTT Gas / Blood of the Ram
06 = Declineometer / Heavy Ornamentals
06 = Jesus Christ with Signs Following / Bolsa de Agua
06 = Out on the Vine / Noble Creatures
06 = Trampled by the Sun / Dem’s Good Beeble
05 = All the Labor / Dem’s Good Beeble
05 = Bridgett / Haymaker
05 = Hellhounds / Cow Fish Fowl or Pig
05 = Web Before You Walk into It / Dem’s Good Beeble
04 = A Few Extra Kilos / Noble Creatures
04 = Country Gal / Haymaker
04 = Cracklins / Blood of the Ram
04 = Cranky Mulatto / Noble Creatures
04 = Fossil Contender / Haymaker
04 = (the new way of) Grievin’ & Smokin’ / Ghosts of Hallelujah
03 = Ants on the Melon / Cow Fish Fowl or Pig
03 = Caledonia / Dem’s Good Beeble
03 = Collections / Heavy Ornamentals
03 = Flavor on yer Tung / Noble Creatures
03 = Hallelujah Shine / Bolsa de Agua
03 = I Come Up / Dem’s Good Beeble
03 = Illegal Oyster / Blood of the Ram
03 = Ladies Choice / Ghosts of Hallelujah
03 = Magnolia / Stadium Blitzer
03 = Pair of Goats / Ghosts of Hallelujah
03 = Promenade / Noble Creatures
03 = Steeple Full of Swallows / Noble Creatures
03 = Tearbox / Bolsa de Agua
03 = Up on High / Ghosts of Hallelujah
03 = Valentine / Haymaker
02 = Arapaho / Blood of the Ram
02 = Clear Night / Dem’s Good Beeble
02 = Escalade / Blood of the Ram
02 = Hooky Junk / Heavy Ornamentals
02 = Kicks in the Sun / Noble Creatures
02 = Lament / Stadium Blitzer
02 = Layin Around the House / Bolsa de Agua
02 = LGO / Stadium Blitzer
02 = Maria / Stadium Blitzer
02 = O Rings / Bolsa de Agua
02 = Roll & Tumble / Cow Fish Fowl or Pig
02 = The Way You Can Get / Haymaker
02 = When Wine Was Cheap / Dem’s Good Beeble
01 = Bean Bowl / Ghosts of Hallelujah
01 = Blood of the Ram / Blood of the Ram
01 = Bottle & a Dime / Cow Fish Fowl or Pig
01 = Cold Bed / Stadium Blitzer
01 = County Orange / Ghosts of Hallelujah
01 = Dying of the Pines / Dem’s Good Beeble
01 = Gangsta Lean / Ghosts of Hallelujah
01 = I Like Drinking / Stadium Blitzer
01 = Lowlands / Ghosts of Hallelujah
01 = New Roommate / Heavy Ornamentals
01 = Piss & Moan Blues / Dem’s Good Beeble
01 = Pushed Her Down / Stadium Blitzer
01 = Shake the Chandelier / Heavy Ornamentals
01 = Spanky / Blood of the Ram
01 = Spivey / Noble Creatures
01 = Tighter / Haymaker
00 = Jenny Brown, Sweet Li'l, Money Honey, Honduras, Ringing Dark & True, Pinetar Ramparts, Makes Me Roll [Dem's Good Beeble]; Stadium Blitzer, Boil My Strings, Coppermine, Raining in Port Arthur, Dyin' Diamond, When the Money Comes Rolling In, I Ate the Haggis [Stadium Blitzer]; Ghosts of Hallelujah, January 6, Fine Leather Truck, My Time Your Time, Son of Bum, The Flat Baritone, Rugged Roses [Ghosts of Hallelujah]; Big Santiago Bust, Receipts and Fevers, Pickles, Bugs, Waterbag, Meat off the Bone, Flamenco Cabaret, Turn My Head, High Highs and Low Lows [Bolsa de Agua]; 1st in Line, Foggy Blossom (Mechanical Bride), The Bridge, Ham-Fisted Box of Gloves, The Prayer That Fell Upon the Mirror, Best of Me, Sweet Nutty, Ceiling's Leaking, Smoke Bend [Cow Fish Fowl or Pig]; Wired Ole Gal, On Time, Let Him In, Turd in my Pocket [Blood of the Ram]; Weather Woman, Our Patriarch, The Education Song, Pick and Roll [Heavy Ornamentals]; Last Letter, Moon Gone Down [Noble Creatures]; N/A [Haymaker]

Songs Played Live This Quarter That Are Not On The Gourds' Studio Albums (N = 175) Here, the total number of times a song was played during the 1st quarter is followed by the song title and the author/authors of the song. For example, the song I Fought the Law by Sonny Curtis was played 12 times this quarter:

12 = I Fought the Law (Sonny Curtis)
10 = Gin and Juice (Calvin Broadus, et al.)
06 = Cupid (Sam Cooke)
06 = Gravity Talks (Dan Stuart/Chris Cacavas)
06 = Omaha (Billy Joe Shaver/Hillman Hall)
06 = Surrender (Rick Nielsen)
06 = Yoli Found a Opossum (Kevin Russell) *
05 = The Tinys Variety Hour (Claude Bernard/Matt Cook/Travis Garaffa) **
05 = Cissy Strut (Art Neville/Ziggy Modeliste/Leo Nocentelli/George Porter Jr.)
05 = Dooley (trad.)
05 = Promised Land (Chuck Berry)
04 = Cotton-Eyed Joe (trad.)
04 = Nuevo Laredo (Doug Sahm)
04 = Waxy's Dargle (trad.)
03 = Amazing Grace (John Newton)
03 = I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Nash)
03 = Oh Sister (Bob Dylan)
03 = Old Man from the Mountain (Merle Haggard)
03 = Take Me Back to Tulsa (Bob Wills/Tommy Duncan)
02 = ABC (The Corporation)
02 = Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (Fred Rose)
02 = Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough (Michael Jackson)
02 = Everybody’s Missing the Sun (Nils Lofgren)
02 = Feelin' on Yo Booty (R. Kelly)
02 = Inchworm (Frank Loesser)
02 = Let's Work Together (Wilbert Harrison)
02 = Magic Carpet Ride (John Kay/Rushton Moreve)
02 = Midnight Rider (Gregg Allman/Robert Payne)
02 = Motherless Children (trad.)
02 = Ramblin' Man (Dickey Betts)
02 = The Eyes of Texas (John Sinclair)
02 = Up on Cripple Creek (Robbie Robertson)
02 = (Somebody Bring Me a Flower) I'm A Robot (Kevin Russell) **
01 = Aqualung (Ian Anderson/Jennie Franks)
01 = Baby Don’t You Do It (Lamont Dozier/Brian Holland/Edward Holland Jr.)
01 = Beat on the Brat (Joey Ramone)
01 = Call Me the Breeze (J.J. Cale)
01 = Casino Boogie (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
01 = Church on Fire (Kevin Russell) **
01 = Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Robert Lamm)
01 = Dueling Banjos (Arthur Smith/Don Reno)
01 = Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (Sting)
01 = Fat Bottomed Girls (Brian May)
01 = Fire (Jimi Hendrix)
01 = Fire on the Bayou (L. Nocentelli/C. Neville/G. Porter Jr./Z.
Modeliste/A. Neville)
01 = Fly Like an Eagle (Steve Miller)
01 = Freedom Of Choice (Mark Mothersbaugh/Gerald V. Casale)
01 = Give Me Back My Wig (Theodore "Hound Dog" Taylor)
01 = Hang Fire (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
01 = Hangman (trad.)
01 = Hello It's Me (Todd Rundgren)
01 = I Found You Among the Roses (Carter Family)
01 = I Know I'm Not Wrong (Lindsey Buckingham)
01 = I'm Troubled (trad.)
01 = Lookout Joe (Neil Young)
01 = Lord, Got Tomatoes (The Bahamian Blind Blake)
01 = Low is the Way (Kevin Russell) *
01 = Miss You (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
01 = Nitty Gritty (Doug Sahm)
01 = Oh Zero (Jimmy Smith) **
01 = Ohio (Neil Young)
01 = Old Man Will Your Dog Catch a Rabbit? (Lead Belly)
01 = Pressure Drop (Toots Hibbert)
01 = Rock Is My Life, and This Is My Song (Randy Bachman)
01 = Rock Salt and Nails (Utah Phillips)
01 = Saturday Night Special (Ed King/Ronnie Van Zant)
01 = Soul Man (Issac Hayes/David Porter)
01 = Take Me to the River (Al Green/Mabon "Teenie" Hodges)
01 = The Ballad of John and Yoko (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
01 = The Hungry Wolf (John Doe/Exene Cervenka)
01 = Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother (Ray Wylie Hubbard)
01 = Wabash Cannonball (J.A. Roff)
01 = When I Need You (Albert Hammond/Carole Bayer Sager)
01 = Whiskey in the Jar (trad.)
01 = Will the Circle be Unbroken (Ada R. Habershon/Charles H. Gabriel)
01 = WKRP in Cincinnatti Main Theme (Tom Wells/Hugh Wilson)

*Written by Kevin Russell, this song does not appear on any studio album to date
**Written by a member of The Gourds, this song appears on a studio album from one of their side projects

Special thanks to all the TGN field reporters who helped keep track of these tunes and to Vince in the graphics department for baking us a lovely pie.


  1. This Is not accurate. We just played boil my strings and I know I have played fine leather recently as well as dark and true.

  2. I am simultaneously thankful for your hard work and concerned for your well-being, D3. ;)Now, go take a walk in the woods.

    "His records and his tapes / Appropriate escape from ordinary days"

  3. More CFFP! A true American music masterpiece. Foggy Blossom, The Bridge, Ham-Fisted Box of Gloves - can't say enough good things about these works.

  4. this is of the awlsum, all that and pie charts too. just the thing for us sick, obsessive types

  5. shinyribs,

    you played 'boil my strings' & 'fine leather truck' on 9/4...which was after the 3 month cut-off point (8/28) for this first statistical survey.

    dark & true? it must have happened just before I started keeping tabs...or maybe you're remembering a soundcheck during that period?


  6. dear obsessive one,
    i can't begin to tell you how much i enjoy this site. just found it. i don't feel so alone now........

  7. i think that pie-chart is friggin' awesome! now i want pie!

  8. D3 + .1416 = GDS π (pi)

    AWESOME, seems to be the communal sentiment and indeed mine too. Nice D to the 3rd. ;)

  9. Hilarious and mmmmm, pie.


  10. It's good to see that they're playing everything off "Haymaker!". I could be wrong about this, but I don't think they've done that with some of their past records.

  11. WOW! And I thought I needed a new hobby. You can clearly see Boil My Strings over at gilbertgrillo.com (shameless plug). Oh, wait, that was before the count started, so it really was a shameless plug. Keep your eyes open, Gourds '97 just about fermented, should be up in about a week (which might mean 2 or more, you know how that goes...). Keep up the good work...

  12. Nice work D3; good for us fans and perhaps the band too to know what the boys are and aren't playing. From recent shows it seems the Haymaker effect is wearing out, and older songs are making it back into the rotation. Is it possible at least to list covers for us neophytes???

  13. covers? hmmmmm. I skipped them the first time around b/c I couldn't verify full versions in all cases. additionally, they'll sometimes only sing one line of a song into another tune, and that probably shouldn't count...but at other times they'll put in a couple of verses, which still isn't complete, but maybe should count anyway? bottom line, it's a good suggestion. I'm gonna try to figure out a way to include covers in the 2nd quarterly report. thanks for the feedback.


  14. more spivey please....the other day at the brewery I noticed a tab for a fella with the last name of spivey-so I played it-and the dude about flipped out......not sure if it was good touch or bad.....but I sure liked it.

    D3 in the place to be

  15. This just pisses me off that Jimmy still hasn't played Haggis!!! Like, come on kind brethren already or no more Tecate!!!!!!

  16. I wish The Gourds would work up "Who Built the Moon". Is it just me, or do ya'll not agree that it is destined for greatness?

  17. actually, shinyribs posted on twitter last night that he had just finished recording that very song (for his solo project). I think my response was something like, "who built the moon is a gourds song and everybody knows it except you"...so, yes, I agree with you. it should, at the very least, be destined for gourdness...whether that turns into greatness is anybody's guess. fantastic song, though.


    p.s. I actually tried to get him to record it for noble creatures (not that I have that kind of pull or anything), but he passed. went with the other moon song, I guess.

  18. thanx for the info about "Who Built the Moon".
    That song keeps sticking in my head bigtime. Great job on this site,....I check it every day.
    Thanks for doing this and keep it up.

  19. I've got a "Boil My Strings" on 5-8-09, just before the pie chart started...good stuff. Ali

  20. On the two Cripple Creeks, I need to know if Claude played the electro-jaw harp on his keyboard or if he insists on playing guitar.

    The Legendary Eddie V

  21. you ins is well deVERSEfied. i love it. fuck a wall street portfolio. the gourds is where it is at.