Northwest Review: One Question with C. Bernard

TheGourdsNews: When you think back on the tour you just finished, what comes to mind?

Claude Bernard: Well the first night of the Oregon Country Fair was definitely a highlight. Although I don't think showing up there for the first time and walking out onto the main stage without having a real feel for the event was the best idea. But we got our feet wet quickly and had a groovy blast anyway. I got a little too tipsy on the festival's triple-hopped custom brew and had to apply myself more than usual to coax the dulcet tones out of my various instruments. Later that night, the fellowship of the band was broken as we all split ways and discovered Middle Earth on our own terms. Twilly insisted that we all go to Otter camp and hang with the council of Elrond. Max [Johnston] and I were the only takers. It was definitely a good place to be if you like rainforest drugs. Max left immediately when his spidey-sense started tingling. Spider came back with two tall tequilas on ice which Twill-brain and I drank most of until he spilled 'em. We were seated in the folding council chairs but the swirling crowd of sweet honeys threatened to tip us over. I left and headed to Gondor where I found Keith [Langford] asleep in our massive tent. I thought about fondling him but decided to press on. Just then, Jeff [Cook] and Mark [Creaney] portaled in from Narnia where they had taken Max and Jimmy [Smith] so they could rest their sweepy wil' heads. We took a bearing and I thought they should see Otter camp. We got lost and walked right through Isengard and Mordor. Jeff died and we drug his body back to the rental car (which was gone in the morning!). Tired and weary we came upon a little campsite of ogres who plied us with their healing remedies. Special thanks to "Tim" and his over-the-top offerings. Yeah, that was a fun time.

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  1. oh you know you spooned kieth in that tent