All For Our Country: One Question with K. Russell

TheGourdsNews: I'm pretty sure tonight is your first Nevada show since the Reno cancellation in you have anything special in store for your Gourds-starved fans out there?

Kevin Russell: We are fairly certain we should not gamble in Reno because our luck has been so bad getting to the place . Even now we had a flight delay and missed our connection there. So I think we are gonna play it safe and do a lot of stuff off of Haymaker. But who knows? I can only guess. I do have some ideas about how to structure future sets. We might decide to take on the fates of Reno and twist the formula into an other worldly blend. This is an event conceived of and implemented by KTHX. Maybe we can find out what they have been playing. It's always good to play what people know. That might sound corny, but it is a sure fire remedy for bad luck and summer doldrums. And I thought Texas was hot. 115 in Aridzona today. My hotel room is still hot and been cranking the cold for hours. Get my ass to Reno people. I am ready to make it up to you. Once we passed through ice and now fire. What we won't brave to sing for you. Whatever it takes.

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  1. Max once shot a man in Lake Tahoe. Stay on the Nevada side. He's got warants. True story