Preview 5-29-09 Charlottesville, VA


This week Fridays After Five will headline a band that has toured all across the U.S., but admit they like playing here in Charlottesville best. Based in Austin, Texas, The Gourds will be making the 1400 mile trek, right here to the Charlottesville Pavilion to bring us what they call their "kaleidoscopic country" sound.

Kevin Russell, lead singer and songwriter for The Gourds, says, "One of the few rules that we had when we started was that we wouldn't play within any one genre and that we were going to be genre benders, as it were."

The Gourds have an American roots music sound, taking elements from soul, country, folk, rock & roll, and even Cajun music. Russell says, "We will play all of those styles at any given show. We might play a Black Sabbath song at any given moment, we could play a Hank Williams kind of honky tonk."

It's the kind of music that would serve as the soundtrack to a summertime backyard barbecue. "Like most music, you have to experience really understand what it is."

Russell adds, "You owe it to yourself to come out and bring a friend. And if you hate it, that's fine, but I have a feeling you're gonna walk away with a big smile on your face and with a little twitch in your booty."

Reporter: Myles Henderson
May 28, 2009

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